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I göt2b honest here (see what I did there?) but seriously, hair styles and hair trends have changed so much lately and that is good thing. Because we have so many options for everyone’s style.

And one of the biggest trends that have stayed for years now is the messy hair style, the undone hair, the messy waves so on and so forth.

These are options we have at salons, so why not take those trends and do them at home, you safe time and money.

I mean who wants perfect, right? perfect is boring and when you go to bed and wake up in the morning your hair will probably be messy, so why not achieve that look to begin with. Having that ” I woke up like this look ” every day is a good feeling and a good hair makes us feel happy like we can take on the world.

And to get that look all you need are the perfect products and the göt2b Mess-merizing collection those all of that ’cause you göt2 standout, ooops I did it again.

These are the göt2b Mess-merizing products I’m currently using to get An Artsy Mess Hair Style with göt2b:

  • Mess-merizing Messyfying Putty
  • Mess-merizing Sculpting Spritz
  • Mess-merizing Texturing Hairspray

Sometimes, I like to let my hair air-dry but I have wavy and frizzy hair, which is a weird combo to manage and control.

And when I want that look use these 3 products, first a spray The Sculpting Spritz and let my hair dry. Once my hair is dry I use the Messyfying Putty to give my hair definition and last I spray the Texturing Hairspray to scrunch the hair and give it so hold and voila just like that I have an Artsy Mess Hair Style with göt2b products.

But get me wrong ladies, every so often I love to use a curling iron to get more wave definition, but with summer around the corner the less heat you put hair through the better.

I just love how my hair turns out and I’ve also noticed that this messy hair look lasts longer than when I get a straight blow out or straighten my hair, so win win all around.

Check out this göt2b Mess-merizing collection to claim a coupon and shop it here. So have fun, try something new, take a risk and get artsy, it’s only hair after all.

Artsy Mess Hair with got 2 b got 2 b artsy mess hairgot 2 b mess merizing Got 2 stand out hair

got 2 b hair

Hope you enjoyed this post and how to style An Artsy Mess Hair Style with göt2b.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope come back soon for more. Have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love,

xo Rossana

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