You guys can you believe Halloween is just around the corner, and with that comes tons of candy consumption. But to worry, I got you cover with some great deals to keep you pearly whites white with Crest.

But first lets talk more about Halloween, do you like to celebrate, decorate, are you into wearing customs? Whether you are or not, you can feel Halloween in the air.

Halloween decorations are all the place, from department store, to your local grocery store. With that said, Kroger has some major sale going on until November 13, 2018.

You can buy the following Crest Toothpaste at Kroger for only $2.99 until 11/13:

Crest Paste Pro Health Advanced

Crest Paste 3D White

Crest Paste Pro Health

Crest Paste Complete

Did you know that the average parent eats eats one-fourth of their children’s Halloween candy, But not to worry, because Crest has you covered.

They didn’t’ just do a Halloween candy survey, they also made this funny Halloween video:

Well let me tell you that I am very in decorations, so can only image how excited I was when I stooped by my local Kroger and saw all the decorations.

And I love to leave candy for the neighborhood kids (and grown-ups) if I’m not home, but it’s way more fun when I’m actually home, and the ids ring the bell and I get to give them to them directly.

It brings some many childhood memories, makes me want to eat all the chocolate by myself, just kidding (I get my own bags).

But seriously, as much as I love to indulge on candy, chocolate, lollipops, and everything in between, I love to have healthy teeth.

I can’t wait to get home a brush my teeth, I so fresh and so clean clean.

And never go to sleep with your make up on or without brushing your teeth!!!

So please make sure to take advantage of the $2.99 Crest is offering at Kroger. You can also save $1 with a coupon in your local newspaper on 10/28

And now time to decorate, have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and make sure to stop by your local Kroger store

and stock up on  Crest Tooth Paste

Hope you have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love,

xo Rossana

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