If you know me, you know I LOVE J Balvin he is my favorite performer. I had the pleasure to see him in concert 2 years for he came to LA as part of CALIBASH, where he performed “Sorry” Latino remix with Justin Bieber for the first time ever. And I still remember a leather gold jacket he was wearing and I was in love, ’cause what’s better than great music and fashion, right?

The thing with with J Balvin is that it is not only about the music, it is about the lifestyle and I’m all about it.

I’ve been a huge fan of reggaeton from back in the day, but J Balvin has a different sounds and it keeps on evolving because he is always working with and different talent and I am all about that.

J Balvin Energia Tour with Buchanan’s was sold in every city (including LA) so when Buchanan’s invite to attend the tour, I was like yesssssss. And then I found out the invitation inducing dinner and drinks at Prank IN DTLA before the concert and a meet & greet and I literally died a little (of excitement)!

J Balvin concert J Balvin energia tour J Balvin J Balvin Buchanan's J Balvin LA

After enjoying drinks and dinner, we headed to the Microsoft Theater for the meet & greet and concert.

We went in through the VIP Lounge straight to the bar to drinks, and my go-to drink is always Buchanan’s with ginger-ale.


J Balvin Energia Tour

J Balvin x Buchanan's              J Balvin Mi Gente

J Balvin Rossana Vanoni

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention Douglas was there too, hahahaha!
J Balvin meet and greet

Soooo after I almost died when meeting him, I put myself together and got ready to enjoy the concert.

I know every single song and all the lyrics too, so the was a lot of signing, I think he could hear me, because we were so close sitting (standing) on our 5th row seats.

J Balvin LA Energia TourJ Balvin man J Balvin concert J Balvin Rossana Vanoni J Balvin Mi GenteJ Balvin reggaeton J Balvin Colombia J Balvin show

If you want to dance, like you’ve never dance before and have the time of your life, you have to go to a J. Balvin concert, he puts on a show like no one else. I can we talk about the technology and graphics, they are at another level.

His US leg of the tour came to end in Miami, and can you believe he is already in the studio working on the new record!

Like the latest Vogue article says, this J Balvin’s world and we are all just living in it, and I couldn’t agree more and I’m nor even mad about it.

Thank you Buchanan’s for the invite and making my dreams come true.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed with music post can’t wait to bring you more in the future.

Hope you have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love,

xo Rossana

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