My First Visit to The Broad Museum

So last week I went to The Broad Museum in Downtown LA for the first time. My friend Samira found tickets ( they are sold until May) she wanted to give an early birthday gift and I was so excited (almost like getting a new pair of shoes excited).

My birthday is next week, April 6 and I am a proud Aries girl.

Our reservation was for 11 am, but got there at 11:30 am, which is okay because the give a 30 minute grace period. Finding parking was easy, because they have a parking structure.

So we go in and I automatically feel so inspired, so much art to take in. Then we see a line and we didn’t know what it was for, so of course we had to ask. It was a line to sign in for the infinity lights room and the wait was 4 hours. So I put my name, the girl that helped to me there was a chance it may take less than 4 hours.

I need a coffee, so we took a little coffee break with a cookie and then headed back to in start exploring the museum. As soon as we go up the escalators, I didn’t know which way to go (left, right). It was all so beautiful, and then I see the Jeff Koons “Tulips” and I couldn’t stop admiring it and taking pictures.

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum Jeff Koons

After a few hours exploring the museum, we went back to check on the status of our reservation and it was actually looking good. We were like 45 minutes ahead, so that was good news.

So we browsed around the gift shop and I saw the cutest candles and the most artsy  from Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, I jurt love candles and I collect them and make made as well.

The Broad Museum DTLA

The Broad Museum LA blogger

Okay now back to the second floor, to continue our museum field trip. I could literally come here every week, it is relaxing, peaceful and so inspiring.

When I saw this Takashi Murakami, I instantly said: “Talk to hand” why do I always do that? for me everything is a song lyric. And then I thought, no “Stop in the name of love” is better, see I did it again (Oops I did it again) okay I’m going to stop now.

The Broad Museum DTLA

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum DTLA

The Broad Museum art

The Broad Museum

After we finished looking at the entire second floor, we went to check again and the wait was less tan 20 minutes, so we went to a video room. You sit (and relax your feet) and they show the story behind Mr. and Mrs. Broad and how everything started. Right after that it was time to get in line and we waited less than 15 minutes. So it actually took us less than 4 hours to go in. It may sound like a long time, but when you are enjoying so much art, time flies.

And just like, I was inside the light room (aka infinity room). Before you go in they tell you have 15 seconds, and there is a guy outside the door with a timer. It is so organized there is chance for mistakes.

I took tons of picture, videos, snaps and then the doors opens and it was time to leave.

The Broad Museum Rossana Vanoni

Then my friend Samira went in, I waited outside for her and out field trip was over, it was such a day and best pre-birthday gift I’ve ever received. Thank you Samira.

After walking up and down for over 3 hours I was tired and hungry, but I didn’t feel like sitting down at a restaurant for an hour. I just wanted to go home an cuddle with my puppies. So what is the best option when in DTLA, street dogs, of course. So we had a hot dog, chips and a soda, while sitting on a bench. It was the perfect ending to our first or many visits to The Broad Museum.

If you are thinking of going, visit their website or download The Broad app to get tickets in advance, because if you show up without a reservation, the wait is super long and the line goes around the block and who wants to do that, right? I know I don’t.

I thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. This outfit I wore for the museum is coming soon, stay tuned. Hope you have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love,

XO Rossana

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