My New Skincare Obsession ageLOC Me!

You guys, my love for skincare has been taken to the next level. And my new Skincare Obsession with ageLOC Me, has changed the way I do my skincare regimen.

I am always looking for new skincare products to use, and when I was introduced to ageLOC Me, I knew I had to try it.

I decided to stop using any other skincare products, so I can dedicate my skin exclusively to these products. Honestly from experience, do this is the only way to figure out what works for your skin.

Now imagine a skincare device full of skincare products that is custom made for you and your specific needs and concerns, sounds amazing, right? It is my friends!

Let me introduce you to ageLOC Me by NU SKIN, it is a first of its kind, customized skin care solution. It is customized by you for you, this is what I would call customization at its finest.

ageLOC Me is a breakthrough anti-aging skincare product that is the like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

It is so easy to start, you take a quick skin assessment on the NUSKIN website, and you get a code, and that’s it.

The code I got after taking the assessment was AF73,  for my specific concerns for combination skin, and always keeping my skin moisturized in this dry LA weather.

Okay so when you are taking the skin assessment, the system is figuring out different things because it is choosing your perfect match for:

  • Serum,
  • Day and Night moisturizers

When you are done with the skin assessment you will then get a code. And with that code, you can now purchase the Started Kit.

You have the option to purchase the Started Kit and the option to purchase the Loyalty Package (if you sign up for a 5 month subscription).

Both come with:

  • ageLOC Me Device
  • geLOC Me Reference Set (serum, day and night moisturizers)
  • ageLOC Me AC Power Adapter, and
  • ageLOC Gentle & Cleanse & Tone.

And just like you have a skincare made specially for you!


I hope you enjoyed this and much as I enjoyed trying out ageLOC Me, it is really such a great skincare option to add to your skincare regimen.

Let me know, what you think about it in the comments below, I love to read all of your comments and keeping the conversation going.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love, xo Rossana

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This is a sponsored post by NuSkin, all opinions and images are mine.