I just love cooking, but with my super busy schedule some times it’s hard to find the time to cook a meal and specially a healthy one. Thank God for so many healthy options like the Barilla Gluten-free pasta. You may be thinking Gluten-Free pasta? yes, it is good for you and it tastes delicious and has great texture. The good thing about this Barilla Gluten-Free pasta is that had Non-GMO ingredients, it is produced on dedicated gluten free production lines. Also it is certified gluten-free, made with corn and rice.

And it just makes you feel good to be putting healthy food in your body and your family’s bodies.

I stopped by BJ’s to get the pasta and a few other things of course, and oh don’t forget to visit BJ’s Wholesale Clubs on December 22nd and 23rd to see an in-store Barilla Gluten Free pasta demo at select clubs.

Cooking is pretty easy when you have all the right products and ingredients, and in this recipe I am sharing with you a healthy, simple and fast dish using only 3 ingredients. Yup you heard right. It only takes 15 minutes from beginning to end.

This dish is called Pasta Cacio e Pepe, which means Pasta Cheese and Pepper, it is a Roman pasta dish, and just like the name it is a very simple dish but oh so yummy and healthy!

To cook the dish you will need:

  1. A box of Barilla Gluten-Free Penne
  2. Pecorino Romano cheese
  3. Pepper


First you mix the dry ingredients: cheese and pepper, then put it aside for later.


Start by adding the cheese on to a mixing bowl



Add pepper to the parmesan cheese


Mix the dry ingredients

Then boil pasta for 10-12 minutes depending on how you like your pasta, I like al dente, so I cook it for 10 minutes. For this recipe you don’t need to use a pasta drainer, you actually want to put the pasta with some of the boiling water on the bowl with the dry ingredients and mix it all.


Don’t drain the pasta, mix it with some of the boiling water


Mix the pasta with the dry ingredients

And just like that in 15 minutes I have prepared a healthy and delicious pasta dish, and now I am going to serve and drizzle some extra cheese on to. Mangia!


3 Ingredients Easy and Healthy Pasta Dish.

Get more delicious and healthy recipe ideas by visiting Barilla’s Pinterest Page, it is sure to get you inspired to try one, so what are you waiting for let’s get cooking with Barilla!


Gluten-Free Pasta Cecio e Pepe


Sprinkle some extra cheese!




Photos: Douglas Lagos

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