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Hi guys, I am super excited about this beauty post because it is pretty much all the things I love in one. Let me introduce you to Babble Boxx Beauty Blossom and I want to start with my favorite mascara.

It is the IT Cosmetics Super Hero mascara,  this mascara has strengthening biotin, lash-lifting polymers and plumping collage. This anti-aging mascara gives your lashes life.

With every single coat and application, every lash from base to tips gets lifted and creates a fuller lash line.

Babble Box Beauty Blossom

it Cosmetcis Super Hero Mascara

And let’s talk about these Village Naturals Aromatherapy products:

  • Calm Lavender + Chamomile Body Soak,
  • Calm Lavender + Chamomile Double Butter Bath Bombs,
  • Pure Lavender Essential Oil,

When I use these product I feel I am in my own personal spa at home, they have the most amazing scent with essential oils and lavender and chamomile extracts. If you want to calm your mind, body & spirit with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Sourced from the finest plants around the world, our lavender essential oil is derived from the lavender herb and emits a fresh, sweet and floral aroma.

And important thing for me is that it is Free of synthetic ingredients.

They are offering $1 off with coupon at:

Babble Box Beauty Blossom

Village Naturals Aromatheraphy

Coconut Oil, yes please! I have been a fan of Coconut Oil for awhile, but there are Coconut Oils and Coconut Oils.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil is 100% organic, unrefined, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. Derived from fresh coconuts, Vita Coco Coconut Oil is great for cooking, baking and dozens of wellness and beauty needs.

And who doesn’t want that in their lifes, body, hair, etc.

Babble Box Beauty Blossom

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion

The original skin exfoliating procedure. Contains aluminum oxide crystals, lactic acid and smoothing botanicals the same ingredients used in our medical office for microdermabrasion procedures.

It is so easy to use: I use it on dampen skin with warm water. Slowly and gently massage cream onto skin for 1-2 minutes avoiding the eye area. Rinse well, pat dry. Best if used 1-2 times per week allowing 3 days between applications

Key Benefits:

  •      Polishes away dead skin cells, revealing radiance
  •      Renews dull skin, providing a healthy look
  •      Helps smooth the appearance of skin texture

And you can get 15% off when you use code: BABBLE15

Babble Box Beauty Blossom

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion

I love European Wax Center and I love their products just as much:

  • Renew New – Restoring Serum
Start and end your gorgeous day with Renew Me Restoring Serum. With an exclusive, patented emulsion technology and our signature Comfort Blend™, this fast acting serum restores stressed skin by replenishing it with necessary nutrients, while calming irritation and redness.
And it contains a blend of powerful antioxidants that help defend against harsh environmental stress and other skin-aging factors.
  • Oh My Brow!™

Because brows are the frame to your face, I use it to highlight the arches of my brows. But it doesn’t stop there, it comes universal flattering Pearl color and I also use it to highlight and illuminate my cheeks as well. And you know how much a multi-use products.

Babble Box Beauty Blossom

European Wax Center

Butter London:

Plush Rush Lip Gloss, Plush Rush Lip Liner & Plush Rush Lipstick. 

It is one of my favorited brands, and these prdocuts are amazing. When I wear a lipstick I am all about the color and how it last, and the pigmentation on these are so good.

You can get 20% off your first purchase with code: BabbleBoxx2016 at

Babble Box Beauty Blossom

Butter London Lipstick

Babble Box Beauty Blossom

Babble Box Beauty Blossom


I thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this amazing beauty products zs much as I do. Hope you have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love,

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