Celebrate #TempranilloDay with @RiojaWine this November 12, 2015. Tempranillo grapes have been harvested in Spain for over 3,000 years. Yeah, you heard right, it’s older than most of us. Tempranillo mostly occiupies the wineyards in Rioja, a region in the north of Spain. Tempranillo in Spanish neans early. It is a Spanish red grape variety that rippens early, thus its moniker “tempranillo”.

November 12 is the National Tempranillo Day. Tempranillo grapes are now grown, not only in Spain, but in Portugal, USA, Australia and other countries. But, it is still thought as the signature wine grape of Spain. Tempranillo day falls on the second Thursday of November every year. So, today will be a great day to trade your usual wine and taste Tempranillo wine at home or your favorite place. What are you waiting for? Go out and celebrate!

Tempranillo wine is fruity, well-balanced wines with moderate alcohol, making them easy to pair. Celebrating culture matters to me and so does my wine! Join us on November 12, 2015 for #TempranilloDay, #wine @RiojaWine.

Learn more about Rioja at http://us.riojawine.com/en/

How are you going to celebrate #TempranilloDay?

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