I love Christmas time, not for nothing there’s that song that goes”It’s the most wonderful time of the year” I love everything about it, but specially the lights, decorations and preparing dinner.

For me Christmas is a holiday about spending time at home with people you love and enjoy spending time with, while enjoying drinks, a good hearty meal and listening to Christmas music. Going back to the lights, I am a sucker for them and truly think lights should be on all year round. Well actually I have them in my patio and love to turn them on every time a through a party.

I also love decorating the house inside and out, setting up the table with candles and flowers for a personal touch, I kept it simple with silver, gold and white accents. And decoration the tree is the most relaxing experience for me, I try to add a few new pieces every years, while getting ride of old one that may be damaged. But I also have my favorites that I have collected on trips.

Our usual Christmas Eve dinner may vary, from chicken, turkey or pork served with rice, salad, corn, and mashed potatoes. But we also like to give it an american twist serving corn bread and macaroni and cheese. And we may also give it a Miami twist serving beans and sweet platains or an Italian twist adding lasagna to the menu, and also an Ecuadorian twist adding tamales and platains chips. We are literally the United Nations for culture, heritage, food and so much more. Every year we change it up depending on what we are feeling at that moment. After we open the presents we watch a movie while drinking hot chocolate, made from scratch of course served with panetone, pie, or flan.

Following both of my family’s traditions, Italian from my dad side and Ecuadorian from my mom side, we have Christmas dinner and open our present on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas day we gather again for breakfast in our pajamas, Then later in the day we have the leftovers from our Christmas Eve dinner for lunch.

And just like the Christmas is over and we start preparing for New Year’s Eve celebrations. I hope you had a wonderful time with the ones you love and I thank you for stopping by and all the support youhave given me this year, I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for you guys. And I can’t wait to year for bigger and better things to come, that I will be sharing with you.

With Lots of Love,

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