Raise your hand if you love coffee! You know both of my hands are up right now. I love, love, love coffee. I grew up with coffee and it has been part of my family’s life and it’s now mine and Douglas’ too.

We love coffee so much we have 3 machines. We have the Regular Brew coffee maker, a French Press and a Espresso/Cappuccino one as well. And it doesn’t stop there, we have a grinder to grind the coffee beans almost every morning.

And as much as we love coffee, we love to indulge in sweets like, dessert, ice cream and all those good things in life. So you can only image my happiness when I found out about the New Chocolate Boutique line of creamers from Coffee-mate. I was like a kid in a candy store, get it?

The New Chocolate Boutique line has 3 flavors in 2016:

  1. Salted Caramel Chocolate
  2. Chocolate Toffee Truffle and
  3. Cafe Mocha

So it pretty much has a flavor for everyone’s taste, my favorite is the Salted Caramel Chocolate and thank God my husband’s favorite is Cafe Mocha – we call them his and hers flavors. We save the Chocolate Toffee for our guests.

But honestly I could have any of the 3 flavors, they are so good, we are now spiking actual dessert, because the flavors are so good, it tastes like you are having dessert and coffee all in one cup. You can say we are saving money and calories, and that is music to my ears, wallet and waist-line.

We always start the morning with coffee and then we have another cup of coffee after lunch and again after dinner, so we could have a different flavor each time, and I love options.

We get our daily dose of decadence with the three c’s: Chocolate, Coffee and a Cup.

I hope you enjoyed this delicious post and don’t forget to try the New Chocolate Boutique Flavors from Coffee-Mate, find them at a local store here! They are going to make your life so much sweeter.

With Lots of Love,

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Coffee-Mate Chocolate Boutique FlavorsCoffee-Mate Chocolate Boutique FlavorsCoffee-Mate Chocolate Boutique FlavorsCoffee-Mate Chocolate Boutique Flavors