I talk about this all the time and now I’m going to tell that I love a long wear lip color. Whether is a glossy finish or matte, I just want it last long and stay in place, you feel me?

I don’t like reapplying and I specially don’t like to leave lipstick marks on my glass (wine glass of course).

Ultra Mate from Colourpop

Ultra Mate from Colourpop

So I am always for the latest, the newest the best(est). I go to beauty event all the time, but I also go to CVS very often. To tell you the truth I do not go by the brand, I go by the results. And here I am sharing all of my favorites regardless of brand or price for that matter.

Because when you find the perfect color, that does what you want it to do,  it doesn’t matter if its $5 or $50 you are going to get it and your are not going to let go (like when you find your soulmate, yes I said it) I just compared lipstick to love.

The colors that I am showing you are all red (because is my favorite color and makes me happy) but I have all of these in different colors too, I love a mauve and deep berry.

My favorita long last lip colors

I love lipsticks on shirt too

My favorite long last lipsticks

My Favorite long last lipsticks

  1. Rimmel London Provocalips $7, it is very rich last along time, depending on what you drink and eat, and it a balm applicator
  2. YSL beauty Stain gloss $36, you actually feel the stain penetrating your lips but it has a glossy finish, very dramatic for the night and would stay on all night
  3. Colourpop Ultra Matte $12, it is just like name say Ultra Matte, makes my lips seem fuller and my teeth whiter and last a few hours.

My favorite long last lip colors

My favorite long last lip liners

My favorite long last lip liners

  1. MAC lip liner $ 28, it is like a matte finish, I use alone all over my lips or as an actual liner with a matte lipstick, it will last long either way.
  2. Milani lip liner $19, I also use it all over my lips it is almost matte with a bit of creaminess to it.
  3. NYX lip liner $7, yes I use it alone and all over my lips also, this one has more of a creamy finish, but stay on and on.
My favorite long last lip colors

Red lips have always been my go-to makeup

All of my favorite long last lip colors

All of my favorite long last lip colors

Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips once a week, to keep then healthy, plump and for the color to penetrate better. I do a homemade scrub with brown sugar and honey. I am all about the DIY beauty treatments.

And a little trick to make your lip color stay put and last longer is to dab a little Vaseline on top.

I thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post and my personal tips. I hope you have a fabulous day!

With Lots of Love,

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