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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of and TRESemmé®.

If you know me, you know how I love everyday natural, from hair to skin and much more. And I always to figure out a way to do so based on every season. Right now for winter and El  Niño weather it has been harsh on my hair.

Everything starts with good products like TRESemmé® and I’ve been using TRESemmé® Moisture Rich Shampoo, followed by TRESemmé® Rich Moisture Conditioner they leave my hair so moisturized perfect for this weather and that is the base to healthy hair. The rest are tips and tricks that I have learned during the years, what I did to my hair when I lived in Miami doesn’t work in Los Angeles (the city I call home now).

I love to play around with my fashion style as much as my hair, any lately I have been leaving the blow drier and straighter to the side (it’s not them it’s me). I use to blow dry my hair professionally every tie an event, and I was never 100% satisfied with it, so I think that it’s when I decided to make a change on my hair routine.

So I decided to let my hair naturally (also called air dry) and I was actually very pleased with the results, but not super excited about (do you know what I mean) like I was surprise how good it look, but I wanted more. So here is what happened next, one day I was doing a millions things around the house and I decided to put my hair up, I graved t like if I was going to do a pony tail and I twisted it and held my hair with a bobby pin. After a few hours when I was done, I let my hair down, and it was literally like magic my hair had so softest most natural waves. So you can only imagine how my brain was 1,000 miles an hour, trying to figure out what else I could do to make it even better.

Natural hair with TRESemme



Walmart Winter Beauty with TRESemmé®

TRESemme Hair Spray

Walmart Winter Beauty with TRESemmé®

TRESemme hair

Milkmaid braids heat-free waves!

Another day section my hair in 2 and also did the same trick of twisting it and it also came out beautiful and last I did the same steps but instead of the twist I braided it (milkmaid braid style) and it also came gorgeous. So just like that I found 3 new ways of doing my hair naturally and give my blow dryer away. And to keep this hair style going longer I finish it off by using TRESemmé Two Extra Hold Aerosol Hair Spray.

TRESemme hair

Natural heat-free waves

I hope you enjoyed this beauty post all about healthy and natural hair using TRESemmé® products, go to your local Walmart and try them out, you will the difference.

With Lots of Love,

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of and TRESemmé®.