Jewelry has been used for centuries as adornment and rings have held a special place of honor.

Today rings are changed as often as outfits. Diamonds now come in “candy” colors of pink, blue, yellow and even black.  The internet allows us to purchase rings worldwide. When these rings are delivered there’s often a problem. Much like purchasing shoes or clothes from overseas manufacturers there is no standard globally for ring sizes. Where shoes from Europe will list the size as 37-38 it is up to American shoppers to realize this is a size 7. The same is true for rings. This makes ordering rings from overseas difficult. Normally ring sizes are done by measuring the inside surface of the ring in millimeters. Unfortunately not every country or groups of countries follow the same standard. There are so many varied sizes in regions throughout the world that trying to buy a ring that fits is a trial and error purchase. Italy and Switzerland measures the circumference in millimeters and then minuses 40 millimeters,  India, China and Japan use a numerical scale that is only done in whole numbers and these numbers do not seem to have any relationship to the size of the ring. The US and Canada uses a scale that increases in quarter size increments and Great Britain and Australia use letters.

When measuring your finger for ring size it is best to measure the circumference of your finger in the evening. This is because your fingers will be swollen, just like your feet at the end of the day. You also want to make sure that your hands are at room temperature. Most people will sometimes stop by a jewelry store to obtain the size of their fingers which is an excellent starting point.

Here is a ring size converter that will help you when purchasing rings online.

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