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Sense High school I always imagined going to College and being in my own apartment or dorm and just having the time of my life. But sadly I wasn’t able to have that experience till my last year in college, which is coming up very soon.

So I’m going back to school in about 3 weeks, and I’m kinda nervous because one of my dreams is coming soon I’m finally going to live away from home, completely independent. The first thing I thought was how much fun i was going to have decorating my room, but i had to think about my roommate as well. So I tried to find ways that both my roommate and I would enjoy.

Below are some ways iv’e come up with, organizing, keeping the room comfortable and making you feel like you a brought a little part of your home away from home.

1). Wall Decor: One of the problems of a rented apartment is that chances are you can’t paint any walls. You should also steer clear of all nails and tape. To hang up boards and pictures Command strips are the best way to go and it leaves no unwanted residue or holes in the walls.

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Command Strip                                                         3-D Metal Wall Art Hummingbird

2). Get Cute and Creative Curtains. Curtains can change a room from looking boring, to a work of art, and no I don’t mean hung above a window. Hanging a curtain at the side of your bed gives you and your roommate some privacy when need be, while looking cool and stylish. A plus is it keeps in untidy areas of your corner hidden.

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3). Get a Dream Board: Getting a #dreamboard well help your room look a bit more creative. It let’s you put up goals, daily calendars and #pin-up pictures of your friends and family. This helps you keep all your thoughts organized and it gives your room a personal #DIY element too it.

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4). Organizing Bliss: Nothing makes a room look more amazing than organizers. Having cute organizers in different colors or in clear gives your room that clean touch, that everyone would want, cause no one wants to live with anybody that is a mess.

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5). Get a Great Rug: Getting a great rug can put the finishing touch in any room, and can save your flooring from getting damaged faster. #Vintage rugs are my favorite.


Magical Thinking Bazaar Handmade Rug