Have you ever taken a yoga class or have ever tried meditation. It is everywhere and it the world by storm. In my case I think I’m the other way around, because I grew up doing yoga and meditating thanks to my mom. But it was kind of forced on me and I hated it, but it was like a love hate relationship because I would enjoy it (but I didn’t tell my mom of course). But I go burnt, so I never wanted to do yoga ever ever again.

Years have passed and now I’m getting the itch to do it again, so when I was invited to attend a Yoga + Meditation class with The Quiet Melon at the Ambrose hotel in Santa Monica, I jumped at the opportunity. The yoga class was held at the front patio of the hotel, the weather was just perfect and we even got to enjoy the sunset. Just a perfect fall evening.

The Ambrose Hotel is a hidden gem in Santa Monica, and a true boutique style hotel. I have been there a few times before as I was invited to the re-opening to learn all about sustainability, energy eficiency and award-winning, LEED-certified innovations a the hotel.

After the class was ended, we headed to the lobby of the hotel to mingle and enjoy organic wine provided by Ziobaffa wines and small bites. I had a glass or two on Pinot Grigio which is my favorite white wine.

ambrose yoga

Ambrose Hotel yoga

The Ambrose Hotel

A perfect fall sunset at The Ambrose Hotel Yoga + Meditation session


Is there something new you want to try, or something you haven’t done in a while that you would like to try again? Let me know below on the comments, you know I love to read them.

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