Hi guys, I’m super excited and proud to tell you that I’m working with Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon) as a food reviewer. If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I love food, I love to cook, love to share my food and love to go out and try new and different restaurants. So when Zomato approached me to work with them, I thought it was a perfect match and that means they had seen my social media and blog. I’ve been sharing pictures of my food even before I started blogging, and for me it was a way to share where I love to eat and where I’ve been; keep track of what I eat, if I liked it and if I was going back to the same place to help me remember and order the same thing again (unless I wanted to try something new), kind of like a diary, a food diary that is.

Zomato is a food app, and it’s used in over 10,000 cities in 22 countries. It has so many features, like online ordering, cashless payment and table reservations. Read reviews and check out menus before you go out, and share your experience with other users. So pretty much Zomato is your one stop for all you food needs.

Check out my Zomato profile, to see where I’ve been eating lately and my reviews.

Bon Appetite,

https://www.zomato.com/RossanaVanoniBreakfast Burrito and Fruit Pancakes

Tacos and Salsa