100 Colors Invisible with Dove

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a photoshoot for the launch of the new 100 Colors Invisible with Dove x Fashionsnoops to launch their 2 new scents, Sheer Cool and Crystal Touch.

I was going to meet with celebrity stylist Laura Zapata and get styled by her, so of course I had to jump at this opportunity and said YES!

I’ve been a huge fan of Dove Spray ever since it came out in the market, and I’m competently obsessed with Dove Invisible Spray and couldn’t wait to try the new scents.

100 Colors Invisible with Dove-8
100 Colors Invisible with Dove beauty
100 Colors Invisible with Dove-2
But the Dove Invisible Spray Antiperspirant is at another level, and it’s safe to use with 100 colors without leaving white marks.

Well let me tell how the day went down, I went into this room, with a lilac back (Pantone anyone?)

It was full of the most amazing clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry and as soon as I went I had my eye of the Light Blue Gingham Top (which I ended up wearing).

While I waited

for the girl before me to finish her shoot, the ladies from Priv glammed me up with hair and makeup.

1 Denim Shirtdress
Denim Shirtdress

Then Laura I talked about Dove Invisible Spray and her fashion tips, The Fashionsnoops Microsite for Dove and we then went to another room to pick my look.

I picked a few other things, but I was always going back to the same top. Originally I was going to style with a light blue suede skirt, but at the last minute I decided to change it for this gorgeous Lilac Ruffled Pants that Laura showed me last minute. Light blue and Lilac go together you ask? well yes, yes they do!

Then it was time to choose the shoes, and it was either a pair of purple or Silver Metallic heels and I will always pick metallic and also I thought it looked better, to let the pants be the statement piece.

We added a few pieces of jewelry and a beautiful small round bag ( a round bad blog post is coming soon).

Below please find some of the talking point I had with Laura, and the things she can’t be without when styling her celebrity clients.

With Lots of Love,

xo Rossana

100 Colors Invisible with Dove

These are Laura Zapata’s tips on how to upgrade your basic workwear look!

How can I incorporate both comfort and style to my work look?
When it comes to staying stylish and comfortable in the workplace, go for low-maintenance wardrobe basics in striking colors. On-trend colorways will keep you looking fashion-forward. Separates that you can easily layer or move around with ease, like breathable fabrics or items that stretch, will help to keep you comfortable throughout a long workday. Try slim trousers in yellow or lavender, an A-line skirt in red, a tweed blazer in hot pink, or a shift dress in jewel tones like moss or terracotta. Pair your bold colors with neutral separates for a streamlined look.

Do you have any tips?

What tips can you share on transitioning from work to happy hour or date-night, what colorful styles or pieces should be my go-to?
A conservative style is safe for the workplace, but super blah when it comes to an after 6pm look. Find ways to shed layers and show some skin to transition your look from day-to-night. Ditch the blazer and a style a shift like you would a party dress. Pair with heels and flirty fringe earrings for a cute happy hour option. An accessory swap is also key: lose the power pumps for strappy evening sandals, and leave the oversized work tote for an edgy, embellished clutch.


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