4 Tips Why Your Hairdryer Is The Best Traveling Buddy

For the past ten years or so I’ve believed the lie that #hairdryers are unnecessary evils. They dry out your #hair, are dangerous, too much hassle, yada yada yada. Now, however, I’ve come to a different conclusion. Hairdryers are the best thing to pack in your carry-on when you go out of town. Why? The following points might explain…
4 Tips Why Your Hairdryer Is The Best Traveling Buddy
1. #Quick Clean-Up – Have you ever accidentally dumped a drink onto yourself (or perhaps been the unfortunate victim of the klutz next to you at a dinner table)? Have you ever found yourself standing next to a bathroom hand-dryer, hoping to dry up the odd looking stain that is splashed across your new J. Crew blouse? Me too. When you pack a hairdryer with you, this conundrum can be easily solved by a quick trip to the restroom (or the room you’re staying in). Just let the hot air blow over the wet spot and soon you’ll be dry, and no one will be joking about lactation or peeing yourself. Later on, you can use a spot remover to completely get rid of the stain.

#Pit-Stop – Another use for a hairdryer can be drying up those sweat spots that form underneath your arms when you’re nervously flirting with Prince Charming at the bar. If you have a travel-size dryer, just take a quick trip to the restroom and spend some quality time drying up the sweat stains that might give away your nervousness.


4 Tips Why Your Hairdryer is Your Buddy

3. #DeWrinkler – It is never fun to open your suitcase to find your clothes looking as wrinkled as raisins. A hairdryer can come to your rescue if you just put  on your outfit and then run the dryer down the fabric (only lightly touching it to your clothes). The wrinkles should be gone by the time you’re done.

4. #Refresher – Sometimes when you’re applying makeup in a tight space, after the shower has been running and the air is humid, you might experience a sweaty face. Use the “cool air” setting on your dryer to cool off your face and keep your makeup from running off with your sweat. Next time you go on a trip, leave a special spot in your bag for your hairdryer. You won’t regret it! #hairdryer #beauty #conair #travel #lifestyle #audreyhepburn #hair #hairstyle #lifelessons

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