Calibash 2016

Calibash is the biggest and most influential urban music concert in Los Angeles, and I was invite by Toyota who was one the sponsors. Not only was it a VIP ticket to their Suite, but I had a meet and greet with Becky G.

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: rossanavanoni like all of my social media) or any of my social media channels, you know how much I love music. Because all snaps are better with music and all post are better with music lyrics captions, right? I live and breath music, and my brain automatically  references to music lyrics on any conversation.  So when I was invited to attend Calibash 2016 by Toyota Latino, I almost died (but not  before going to the concert).

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Calibash 2016 ticket
I mean the line up was reggaeton and hip hop heaven, starting with the only Snoop Doog to Becky G to my favorite of them all J Balvin and so much more. And when I say much more I am talking about all the heavy hitter like Yandel, Nicky Jam, Lil John, Prince Royce all named in order of how much I like them.
Toyota invited a few

bloggers like myself

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falling banana republic fall collection 6

I love Music

and local media to meet Becky G. We were watching the concert from the Toyota Suite at Staples Center, I got to meet so many wonderful people that I am still in touch with.

We drank, ate and danced the night away at Calibash 2016, courtesy of Toyota all while tweeting, snaping, instagraming like the pros we are.

I got to meet the wonderful Becky G, we danced, we talked all about her career and how she is going to be the new yellow Power Ranger and what about her Cover Girl commercials.  This girl is killing it and she so sweet, congrats on everything.

Thank you Toyota for inviting me, having and enjoyed this amazing concert experience. I am still talking about, because why not. I am like I still remember like if it was yesterday that night I saw J Balvin and Justin Bieber singing “Sorry” live at Calibash and not only that it was the first time they performed this song together on a stage, so that is huge (I brag and brag and that’s not even my personality).

For me the highlight of the night wsa J Balvin, I love his music, his style and not to mention his personality. Everyone was talking about a surprise performance and I totally called it, because hottest single in my opinion is “Sorry” Latino remix. And Justin Bieber lives in LA, so that wasn’t hard to figure out. So after J Balvin signs a few of his hits including “Ginza” which has been a #1 for 18 weeks, then Mr. Justin Bieber comes out to the stage I wanted to die (did I say that before?). People went crazy (and by people I men me), I honestly didn’t want it to stop.

I thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my first music related blog, I had such a great time and I had to share it with you guys.

xo Rossana

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And I danced

to every single song, and I sang every song (’cause I know every single lyric). The energy was through the roof. And since I am a sucker for all this amazing lighting, I was dancing, singing, snaping, tacking pictures (multitasking at it greatest)

And when Snoop Dog

And when Snoop Dogg came out, people went while. every single person at the Staples Center knew every song, it was just a magical night that I won’t forget.  Then Becky G and Lil John joined Snopp Dogg on stage and that was a sweet moment. After her performance Becky G came back to the Toyota Suite to say bye to everyone and that so sweet.

Also J Balvin

is in the studio in LA right now working with Pharell, so can you the magical music they are working on. I can’t wait!

One more thing, you should follow J Balvin on instagram, it is such a fun and colorful feed, full artsy pictures and tons of music.

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falling banana republic fall collection 8

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  1. How fun! Looks like you had an amazing time! So cool



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