Have you heard of Cupping?

Hi lovelies, Last month I was invited to visit The Spa on Rodeo, to try out a new treatment. And when I say a new treatment, I mean a new treatment that I’ve never tried before and you know I am all about that.

Have you heard of Cupping
Have you heard of Cupping-3
Have you heard of Cupping-7
Have you heard of cupping? Have you gotten one? If you haven’t you totally should, and let me tell why. Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that has detoxing benefits among many others.

I first heard of it when I saw a picture of Jennifer Aniston years ago with a round red mark on her back and the internet went crazy.

Then in 2016

Michael Phelps brought it back to the main stream media again, by showing his bare back at the Summer Olympics in Brazil.

Have you heard of Cupping-8
Have you heard of Cupping-5

So when I was presented with the opportunity to try it out, I obviously jumped at it.

You guys know how much I love to try new things as long as they are to improve my mind, body and soul in the most natural way. And of course I had to document it all, because I wanted to share it with.

I have to admit I was a little nervous, because I thought it would be painful and I have zero tolerance for pain and needles (that’s for another time).

Manny walked me through the whole process explaining step by step how it works and what it does, as he was putting the cups on my back and that made me relax and enjoy the process.

He started putting the cups starting on my shoulders down slowly one by one, then he removed and followed it with a lite massage.

Then he continued doing the same all the way to my legs using with different types of cups, and I have to say it was actually so calming and relaxing.

Thank you The Spa on Rodeo for having me, can’t wait to go back, make sure to check out their menu here.

The Spa on Rodeo

421 N. Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Tel. 424.284.8040

You can also book online here.

I thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my cupping massage. Leave me a comment below, if you have done cupping or if you would like to.

Hope you have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love,

xo Rossana

Have you heard of Cupping-7

He gave me a few tips:

Post massage you need to drink lots of water to help your body get ride of all the toxins.
Avoid alcohol for a few days (which was kind of hard) I’m half Italian and I enjoy my glass wine with dinner, but I did it.

Can you see my super relaxed face?

Honestly I went straight home and took the longest nap ever, but then again in my defense it was a rainy day in LA, so yeah.

The Spa on Rodeo

Oh and can we please talk about this relaxation area at The Spa on Rodeo, I was debating if I should have stayed sipping on a cucumber infused water or go home, but my bed won.
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