Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1

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Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-10
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-8
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-10
armer temperatures are here and that means we all want to be outdoors enjoying it.

But I took a look at my patio I wanted to go in again, I love my furniture but look dull and not very appealing to entertain.

That is why I am so happy when Pier 1 reached out to collaborate on this Outdoor Simpler refresh, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1

This is the before picture and can we talk about how sad and empty my poor patio looks.

Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-9
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-18

You know life happens, you get busy with work and what not. And it also doesn’t help when the weather is cold and you just want to be indoors.

Well thank god for spring and summer and fall too, because I am so excited to show the items I got from Pier 1 to decorate and update my patio.

Pier 1 Outdoor Simple Refresh Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pie 1Outdoor Patio Décor

Now that’s what I’m talking about, wow what a difference a few items make, right?

I started by placing the grey rug first and that automatically made the entire area better and then I placed the coffee table on top of the rug.

Then I place all the pillows ( I chose 2 of each style) for good visual aesthetics and chose different style so it wouldn’t be too matchy matchy.

The main color on the pillows is black, because it so chic (like a hotel pool) and threw in some white and stripes pillows because it’s so fun.

Now it was time to put the final touches with the lanterns, I got 4 of them to match the 4 candle set.

I have been wanting a copper pineapple and I finally got it, and to tell you the truth I got it mostly for decoration purposes, I mean can you blame me? it’s just so pretty.

And to continue the copper theme I got the ice bucket in the same color, which I will be definitely be using.

Lastly I got this leaf placemat for décor purposes and also to keep any cups labeled.

And the final personal touch to this Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1, I added a pop up of you will with flowers. But instead of using flower vases, I love to collect glasses bottles, whether they wine, juice or milk. That instantly gives it a personal touch to this and any decor.

For this decor I choose all neutral colors, it makes it look more elegant and contemporary and you will never get tired of it. Simply add color full flowers or dinnerware.

And I am so excited to share with you a GIVEAWAY for:

$100 Pier 1 gift card, to get you started with your home decor needs.

Simply leave a comment below, to let me know what you want to update in your home. Winner will be randomly selected by May 31st.

Hope you enjoyed this post and you got inspired to start decorating your home.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope come back soon, for more. Have a super duper day!

With Lots of Love,

xo Rossana


Let me tell you the pieces I chose to do this Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1:

  • Dover Navy Pillows
  • Cabana Grommet Black Pillows
  • Cabana Fishnet Black Pillows
  • Solene Coffee Table
  • Eldridge Small Black Triangle Metal Lantern
  • Deco Wick Outdoor Led Votive Candle Set
  • Hammered Ice Bucket
  • Pineapple Moscow Mule Cup with straw
  • Monstera Leaf Placemat
  • Popcorn Jute Gray Rug
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-13
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-7
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-11
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-4
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-5
Outdoor Simple Refresh with Pier 1-2


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