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Can we talk serums? Ok, let’s do it!

If you know me, then you know I love serums, it’s my favorite skincare product by far. I’m always sharing all my new finds on my stories (because sharing is caring). Let me tell you, if I only had 1 skincare product I could choose use for the rest of my life, a 1,000 percent I would choose a serum over any other skincare product, there’s something about the texture and how it feels when you apply on your skin.

Rodan+Fields Hydrate Serum Review
Rodan+Fields Hydrate Serum Reviews

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you these 2 Rodan + Fields serums, I’ve trying out and that I have incorporated in my skincare regimen.

With the change of season and weather, I like to change up my skincare routine, so with summer around the corner, I want to be a step ahead and add these serums now. I try to listen to my skin, to give it what it needs, my skin was dry, dull and with a weird texture.

I was looking

for products to help me with this dryness and keep my skin hydrated in summer and beyond. But as a person with extremely sensitive skin and allergies, I’m always skeptical to try out new products but also, I love trying new products, welcome to my world.

1 Denim Shirtdress
Denim Shirtdress

In the last few weeks, I have been travelling a lot, I’ve traveled from LA to Palm Springs for a staycation, back to LA for a few days. Then another quick trip from LA to Miami and back to LA. I brought these serums with me to all these trips, so to say that I really put them to the ultimate test in different weathers is an understatement. Also, these are the perfect size traveling and are TSA compliance sizes.

I love that the REDEFINE INTENSIVE RENEWING SERUM, comes in individual capsules (perfect for precision application). It’s meant to be used at night, but I used it both in the morning and at night, because I’m extra like that.

This is the perfect serum for you if you have, wrinkles, fine lines and dryness concerns. With its Retinal-MD Technology, this serum has the most potent form of skin-smoothing Vitamin A, you can get without a prescription, which will help with firmness and appearance of fine lines, yes and yes.

Rossana using Rodan + Fields serums
Rossana seeing how Rodan+
Applying Rodan + Fields serum
How do you use Rodan+Fields Serum
Rodan+Field Serum refreshes your skin
How to apply Rodan+Fields skin serum


I’ve used the REDEFINE INTENSIVE RENEWING SERUM on its own and also in combination with the ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM, for maximum hydration.



The ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM, quenches your skin’s thirst, like no other serum I’ve ever used before. It instantly boosts hydration levels by 200% (yes you read it right) and locks in moisture, I mean who doesn’t want that or need that, right?



Wrinkles and fine lines, feeds of dry, dull, dehydrated skin, so when you keep your skin as hydrated, moisturized as possible, you are literally keeping wrinkles at bay.


Skin Types

These serums are for all skin types and all types of weather and climate as well. There not many products out there, that you could say that about, but for me everything starts with a good hydrated skin, then the rest follows. Like your make-up would look better, and you will notice that you will start less make-up which in return will be good for your skin, win win!

 These serums are just what you need on a warmer weather during summer, but also let’s not forget how winter could be brutal to our skin. That’s why serums are going to be your skincare routine best friends.


24-Hour Hydration

Knowing that hydration levels are 200% more when using this serum and that it will prevent skin’s moisture loss for all-day hydration, is such a great feeling.

If you currently or have ever had dry or unnourished skin concerns, this is the serum for you. It prevents skin’s moisture loss for all-day hydration. So, when I was in Palm Spring which has dryer climate, I used it AM and PM for a 24-hour hydration. Also travelling on a plane can dehydrate you, so the last thing I did before getting on the plane was apply the Active Hydration Serum.

I’m seriously in love with these serums, and I will continue to use them year-round. I love how my skincare is looking and feeling better, because there’s no better than the no make-up, no make-up look. The ultimate feeling of being comfortable with a bare, glowy, hydrated skin.

These serums are the type of serums, you can incorporate their one or both with any skincare routine you currently have. I started by using it on its own, 1 in the morning and 1 at night, and then both together. You have to play around with them, and see what works best for your particular skin type and needs.

xo Rossana



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