Hey guys, I am back with a new edition of my Beauty Review. I can’t believe this is the 5th one already, I guess time flies when you are talking beauty.

Okay I just want to let you that these reviews are not sponsored, these are actual products that I either bought myself, got at events or were sent to me, and then I pick and choose my favorites based on results and what I have experienced while using them.  And it mostly about hair, skincare, body and some make up.

Winter Beauty Review February Edition

Winter Beauty Review February Edition

So let’s get started with this Winter Beauty Review, and I am sharing about all these new L’oreal Extraordinary Oil products.

I like to use my hair products from the same brand, like these shampoo, condition, leave-in conditioner and serum. I feel they work better when used all together, that has been my experience. Anything that is nourishing I will for sure use, because with all the things I put my hair through, like highlights, lowlights, ombre and so much more I need to give my hair the best maintenance at home. I went to an event the other day where I was going to get my done, so I washed my hair at home and used all these L’oreal products and the girl though I had done my hair already. So she did a few beachy waves and I have to tell the latest 4 days, yes 4 days! SO I have to say I am a super fan of these products.

Winter Beauty Review February Edition

L’oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Winter Beauty Review February Edition

Loreal Extraordinary Oil Serum

Winter Beauty Review February 2016 edition

Beachy waves that lasted 4 days after using all Loreal products

Winter Beauty Review February Edition

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

Winter Beauty Review February 2016 edition

Wearing Loreal products on my hair and the new Infallible pro matte gloss

L'oreal new Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

L’oreal new Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

You know how I always talk about my love for long last lip color, first because I don’t like to reapply and second because I don’t like to leave lip mark on glasses, napkins, etc ( yes I am weird like that).

I found this new L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss, the gloss thew me off a little, but it actually stays for many hours and the gloss keeps your lips moisturized, I don’t know how the do it, but I know I’m going to my local CVS to get it in every color.

Winter Beauty Review February Edition

Jessica Cosmetics Nail polishes are everything

When it comes nails I am very classic, I love my reds and my light colors like nude, soft pink, beige. I to tell a few things about me, like I have never used acrylic nails in my life, because I really like my nails, I mostly have then short, it just looks so chic and elegant. Every now and then I let then grow a little.

Another thing about me is that I love doing my nails at home and I have a huge collection of colors and these Jessica nails polishes are my new additions. Including the Fusion coat that prevents nails from peeling.

Winter Beauty Review February Edition

Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb

Okay so I have to tell I’ve never had a Viktor and Rolf perfume, and I just got my first one this past week at the Vanity Fair event and I am already obsessed it.

Winter Beauty Review February 2016 Edition

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum

Another new addition for winter is this Joanna Vargas Daily Serum, my face feels so dewy I love it. I use it in the morning and at bed time and it is goes perfect on top of my TIDAL, which I am telling all about below.

Winter Beauty Review February 2016 edition

Sunday Riley – TIDAL

And last but definitely not least, my new favorite face cream EVER!

I was invited to the launch of Sunday Riley’s new TIDAL brightening enzyme water cream, a few weeks ago at the Skybar and they had the cream on all the tables for everyone to try. And guess what I did, yes I tried on my hand first and it felt so good I put it on my face (since I wasn’t wearing any make up) it literally feels like water on your skin. Not heavy at all, and it penetrates your skin super fast but at the same time your skin is moisturized all day. Sold at Sephora for $65

Go try these new products, so can see for yourself how good they are. Remember I have super sensitive skin and not top of that I am allergic to everything, so if I can use these products without breaking out or having any reaction, I am pretty sure it is safe for you to use. But most important you need to change your routine with every season, either by adding new products or stopping others.

I hope this was helpful and you  are getting to know me a little more every day. I thank you for stopping by and hope you have an amazing day!

With Lots of Love, 

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